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Persisting lambdas for object-specific logic in Ruby and Rails

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. You’re building your app, everything is going swimmingly, then BAM. New requirement – each instance of a particular object needs its own implementation of something. In my case, each instance of some object may want to structure an API request that it makes a little bit differently [...]

Why software freedom matters (to more than just nerds)

I’m kinda late to the party with this, but I recently got around to watching Revolution OS (doco on the free software movement, the GNU project and the origins of Linux) and it jogged my memory about a blog post I wanted to write. I was originally intending to write this on Software Freedom Day - a [...]

Fail early. Fail hard. Be paranoid

There are some things that you’re never really taught when you start building software, but just kinda pick up through repeated application of pain. One of my earliest lessons (and one I occasionally forget) is the subject of this post – code like the world is out to get you. More academically, this is called defensive [...]

Fun with Ruby and JRuby

Its a cliché by now – Ruby is awesome. What would a blog subtitled ‘code as executable poetry’ be without the obligatory Ruby post? Early on during my exploration of Ruby I came across the multiplicity of alternative runtimes that people have built for this language. There’s Matz’s canonical interpreter of course, named MRI. There’s [...]